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“A Dance with Bogie and Bacall” is the romantic journey of two hearts that probably wouldn’t have found each other, except for a ghost bent on finding her granddaughter the man of her dreams.

But it’s also the tale of a man who devoted his life to the one woman he loved and couldn’t save from death, and how sometimes we never know how fate will correct the past.

This is a story of love lost, found, and the spirit of life. Within the pages I hope you smile, maybe even laugh . . . and don’t be surprised if you need a tissue or three to dry your eyes. Most of all, I hope you enjoy this heart-warming story of love without boundaries or end.

"Well written, brilliantly put together and with a stunning plot, A Dance with Bogie and Bacall is a read any romance lover shouldn't miss out on. Gorgeous." - Lucy Felthouse, author and book reviewer.
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“A Dance with Bogie and Bacall starts out with a romantic evening that quickly turns steamy, and the story only gets better...
Treat yourself to a classic love story with charming details and KevaD's brilliant twists. You won't be sorry.” – Author Evanne Lorraine

“You owe me a box of Kleenex, David.” - Romance author Debbie Vaughan

Mr. Kentner has done a wonderful job with A Dance with Bogie and Bacall. This book may be poignant at times, but it is not maudlin, because Mr. Kentner writes with a subtle but realistic humor that is a pleasure to read. If you are a romance reader, I believe that you will enjoy this book, and if you’re a fan of the classic romances of Hollywood’s Golden Age, it will capture both your heart and your imagination. - BookWenches Reviews

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